Death Skullz

Death Skullz

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Ed

I think from my first couple of games the Rise of the Tau is at hand. Why ? Assault armies got a better reach 2d6 charge range but lost the ability to assault from reserves or transports (nonopen top). This gives gun lines more time to diminish your army before they get in charge range add in snap shot ... Ouchy . Av 11 vehicles are out not due to hull points but due to assault rules for vehicles. Bikes , Jump in.,and winged monstrous creatures are in these armies play well with 6th Ed new rules . Speed kills!!! Hammer of wrath and swoop rule are really nice bringing some units that haven't been played in a while. Allies are awesome you can tailor a list against its weakness yes there will be some crazy allies to boot tau have become the dj of 40k mix anything lol Warlord abilities some are Kool but meh due to random dice same feelings on psychic powers I should choose Atleast one... Well this is what I think so  

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