Death Skullz

Death Skullz

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Ed

I think from my first couple of games the Rise of the Tau is at hand. Why ? Assault armies got a better reach 2d6 charge range but lost the ability to assault from reserves or transports (nonopen top). This gives gun lines more time to diminish your army before they get in charge range add in snap shot ... Ouchy . Av 11 vehicles are out not due to hull points but due to assault rules for vehicles. Bikes , Jump in.,and winged monstrous creatures are in these armies play well with 6th Ed new rules . Speed kills!!! Hammer of wrath and swoop rule are really nice bringing some units that haven't been played in a while. Allies are awesome you can tailor a list against its weakness yes there will be some crazy allies to boot tau have become the dj of 40k mix anything lol Warlord abilities some are Kool but meh due to random dice same feelings on psychic powers I should choose Atleast one... Well this is what I think so  

Friday, August 26, 2011

to plasma or not to plasma?

I'm thinking of running plasma in my grey hunter squads and on my wolf guard. My meta game has alot of 6 man squads . I normally rapid fire my grey hunter squads so why not fire 4 ap2 shots instead of 2ap1...

I know plasma is a gamble but killing 2 guys with plasma better than 1 with melta. Atleast with my rolling.

I'm gonna playtest the plasma and report back....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Garage wars 2

Well garage wars has come and gone everyone had a good time....which is really what a small tourney is best for.
Thanks to Carl for the vid.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Run da blood angels off the junk pile

Uglug nervously sends the twins to deal with umie invaders. Zippy and Dippy take the field looking for some payback for the wounded Uglug. And trying to keep the key junk piles for SCRAPPA mechs. Lucky gorkanmorka was looking out for Zippy and Dippy as the dreadnaught B.o.B. blows out a leg from wierd warp rift.
The boyz secured the objectives and chased the lib. Jarlick.
Off the board.....Ha take that umie....
Good game

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Almost....... Zippy and Dippy failed to secure the scrapyard

Zippy and Dippy came close to securing the scrapyard but the blood angels held out....

SCRAPPA went to get some parts and the blood angels are searching through our junk this means whhaaaaagghhh! SCRAPPA summoned his boyz and barrelled straight into the umies . SCRAPPA quickly over welmed the umies.

Uglug gets the word of the umies at his junkpile and moves his boys and cans into place to remove the umies. Sadly the mech horde was two much for Uglug narrowly losing the battle.

Sidenote some of the best games I have ever played with Neil.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Uglug sneaks up on some blood angels

Uglug used the cover of dawn to sneak into position and put the boot to the cowering blood Angel sorcerer jarlick and his Angel kin.
Uglug suffered some wounds nothing the doc can't fix.
Dawn of war deployment kill points with the special mission get across the board . 10 -0 ork win.
As Uglug was letting his wounds heal the librarian Jarlick returns in full mechanized force. Catching SCRAPPA flat footed Jarlick crippled SCRAPPA mech force. SCRAPPA staved off the full rout settling for the tie.
Pitched battle deployment with 1250 list . Seize ground 3 objectives and get across the board (i almost had 2 inches away)
Uglug beginning to think its time for a full Waaaaggghhhh!
Too many umies tin cans in Uglug sector.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Zippy and Dippy fail to remove the umie scum from the scrapyard.

Zippy and Dippy are my weirdboy twins that have a small burna squad and flashgitz. Zippy cracked open a rhino with a green bolt of Zapp. Sadly the twins are terrified of rhinos and got chased all over the scrapyard.Dippy teleports back to SCRAPPA and reports the dire needs of backup.
SCRAPPA barrels his truckers ,copters and Dreads.
Sneaky SCRAPPA uses his copters to kill a dread and a rhino knowing where the enemy is from the scouting report from Zippy.
A lighting clawed captain charges the nasty copters only to get cut in half from the Buzzsaw blades. The march of the two Dreads slayed many termies. SCRAPPA was sorely wounded but da docs think he will be put back together.

Great games.......more to come.